Underpinning in Toronto

Investing in property is one of the most significant financial decisions a person can make. Unfortunately, issues can arise, and life's unpredictabilities can cause structural problems for any building. If your property falls victim to foundation issues, M Franks Construction Ltd. can help straighten them out. Our underpinning service has increased the integrity of building foundations across Toronto for years. If you're looking to strengthen the foundation of your property, call (416) 231-7377 today.

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You Might Need Underpinning

If you're noticing strange bulging, sinking, or sagging in your walls, it could be due to an issue with your property's structure. A sinking foundation can cause cracks or discrepancies in the alignment of doors and windows. Below are several reasons to consider our underpinning services for your property:

  • Properties in the soil supporting your foundation have changed
  • The original foundation isn't strong or stable enough
  • The usage of your structure has changed recently
  • You're adding another storey to the building and must increase the load capacity
  • It's more economical to work on the present structure than build a new one
  • A flood, earthquake, or natural disaster has caused your structure to move

Everything changes over time, and your building's foundation is no exception. M Franks Construction Ltd. is here to ensure that your property continues to stand strong for decades.

Underpinning Provides More Space

Underpinning lowers your basement floors, providing extra square footage to your space. It also offers better load-bearing, providing the option of adding a floor to your property. Suppose you're already looking to reinforce the structure of your foundation. In that case, our services will provide you with significant additional benefits to adding more floor space to your structure and more headroom in the basement.

Catch Issues Before They Happen with Underpinning

One of the often-overlooked benefits of underpinning is that it allows you additional access to your plumbing, insulation, and wiring by opening up the foundation of your space. Opening your foundation allows you to check your property's different systems and components and determine if they need repairing or upgrades. By performing preemptive maintenance like this, you can save yourself from dealing with time-consuming and costly issues further down the road. Additionally, you'll have the perfect opportunity to make upgrades that allow your plumbing or electrical systems or insulation to be more efficient, saving you money down the road.

Underpinning Raises Property Value

Underpinning will provide you with an immediate return on your investment, as it raises your property's value. Even if you're not looking to sell right away, you can rest assured knowing that your new solid foundation has more than paid for itself. Underpinning Done Right, Every Time

For those looking to secure the foundation of their property, M Franks Construction Ltd. is Toronto's first choice. Our customer service staff are happy to speak with you, determine the best way to address your structure, and provide you with an obligation-free quote. Call (416) 231-7377 today and see what we can do for you.